If you're going to change ball, try this!

Carl Cross

11 March 2024

Have you ever stopped to think about why you play with the golf ball you do?

Whether you have a go-to brand or are more motivated by price, we’re all creatures of habit when it comes to our equipment.

However, if you’ve never experimented with different golf balls and never been guided into a model that suits your swing, it’s likely you’ll be missing out on some performance gains!

Modern golf ball manufacturers make different golf balls to suit certain play styles, and whether you’re looking to cut your handicap or get as much spin on the ball as possible, Srixon will have a golf ball in mind for you.


Srixon Z-Star golf balls


Comprised of a unique 3-piece construction, the FastLayer DG Core in the Z-Star balls has a soft center and gets progressively firmer towards the exterior. This design allows for an incredible feel when you strike the ball. You’ll be having a great time around the greens too thanks to the Spin Skin+ coating, that offers both max spin and stopping power. Overall, this is a beautifully crafted golf ball you’ll get a lot of pleasure from playing with.

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Srixon Z-Star XV golf balls


This is one for the heavy hitters, if gaining more distance off the tee is one of your priorities, the Z-Star XV has you covered. This ball has a similar construction to the Z-Star but with added emphasis on launch and distance. Your shots will consistently have a mid-to-high launch to give you plenty of height, and the dimple pattern ensures less drag as the ball is making it’s way through the air, ultimately covering more ground.

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Srixon Z-Star Diamond golf balls


If you’re an adept player that has a discerning eye when it comes to picking out the perfect stretch of green to land your ball, you’ll get on well with the Z-Star Diamond golf balls. This ball is made for spin control. The thermoplastic urethane cover is extra thin, and the Spin Skin+ coating will give you that much needed stopping power when hitting into the greens.

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Premium Srixon Golf Balls

Z-StarLong-game SpinFeelShort-game Spin
Z-Star XVLowSoftHigh
Z-Star DiamondMidSoftHigher


Srixon AD333 golf balls


A staple within the world of Srixon golf balls, the AD333 is now in its 11th generation. Frequently updated and improved upon over the years, the FastLayer Core uses a contrasting compression effect to generate you faster ball speeds on your strikes for more distance. The AD333 is similarly effective throughout your short game, offering excellent spin and stopping power. This is fundamentally a very well-rounded golf ball.

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Srixon Q-Star Tour Divide golf balls


These balls are a lot of fun, but the visual tech design is no mere novelty. The 50/50 colour split on the Q-Star Tour Divide balls creates an optically-contrasting effect that helps make spin be more visible, as well give you a better sense of your line when preparing for a putt. Besides the revolutionary visual tech, this ball is fitted with many of the core components that power Srixon golf balls, including a FastLayer core and Speed Dimple Pattern.

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Srixon Soft Feel golf balls


Arguably Srixon’s softest golf ball, the Soft Feel is an excellent choice for golfers that are looking to build up more consistency in their game. Not only does it offer a butter-smooth sense of feel, the speed dimples give you better flight through the air, and the ionomer cover gives your wedges plenty of grip on connection. You’ll be cutting your handicap with these in your bag!

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Performance Srixon Golf Balls

Model ballLong-game SpinFeelShort-game Spin
Q-Star Tour DivideLowSofterMid
Soft FeelLowSoftestMid

If you feel you could do with some guidance when it comes to golf balls, we’d be happy to point you on the right path and give you our expert opinion in the pro shop.

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